Fluidly Oversee & Grow Your Business

Manage your offices across multiple locations with a hyper-converged platform that combines the latest technologies to redefine efficiency and reduce hardware investment.

The Intoto Dashboard Shows All Your Offices Simultaneously And Displays Real-Time Activities

Process Automation

You can systematize everything and painlessly accelerate to meet the evolving needs of an ever-changing business landscape using centralized software management.

  • Image of a woman in silhouette representing SD-WAN connectivity a virtualization service that connects and extends enterprise networks over large geographical distances.
  • Image of a laptop screen displaying business data representing fast grant access based on policy through smart managed services and solutions.
  • Image of a woman holding a laptop while standing beside a server room representing the ease of migrating device automatically through IT automation.
  • Image of a laptop with both traditional IT hardware and automated IT infrastructure displayed side by side.

SD-WAN Connectivity

Effectively route traffic to your offices with a flexible, agile, and secure network. Ensure data access for all your employees regardless of location.

Access Policies

Reduce threat risk and time when assigning permissions to users with predefined roles. Users get what they need, but are prevented from obtaining data and documents intended for those with higher responsibility.

Data Loss Protection

Eliminate data loss and reduce downtime to a minimum during disasters with a robust file management system. Our Multi-layered perimeter security and file management system protects against malware and ransomware.

Data Recovery

Recover rapidly from service outages or accidental deletions. Prevent data loss and employee downtime with recovery from a single console.

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