Expedite Your IT Network Deployment

Intoto bridges the gap between traditional networking and modern business with its app-based network setup and infrastructure management approach. Launch your network in under an hour.


The Easiest Way To Set Up Your Office

Establish and manage your fully integrated IT infrastructure using just your smartphone. The Intoto app allows you to manage and control your office from anywhere and anytime; dramatically optimizing your time, processes, and workloads.

Intoto Simplifies IT Setup And Management

With Intoto, you can provision your IT infrastructure in just a few clicks, eliminating complex setup, configuration, and integration processes. Our IT platform ensures a productive and secure workplace.


Configure And Automate Your IT Networks

Bridge the gap between business and IT without dealing with complex traditional networking design and architecture. Experience enhanced flexibility in managing each of your devices.

Control Your Network Infrastructure Easily

Our intelligent console allows you to create custom configurations to your network much simply at less cost through an advanced discovery service protected by a role-based and multilayer security architecture.


Enable More Connected Users And Workplace

Easily add users, restrict privileges, and edit permissions to any person in your team based on your requirements and their job function.

Grant Access Based On Your Policies

Reduce the time in assigning permissions to users with predefined roles. Control access by user, role, or department to maintain data security.


Group Users Based On Job Roles

Create groups for your users based on their job functions to create a more standardized access to essential company data.

User Groups Better Ensure Safer Data Access

Reduce the time in assigning permissions to users. Groups allow multiple users access to your data based on your predefined requirements and limitations.


Optimized Data Storage For Modern Businesses

Accelerate applications and protect vital data while avoiding additional costs and increasing the bottom line through IntotoNet Storage+ tailored for the advanced demands of every enterprise and organization.

Data Loss Prevention

Restrict access to protected or confidential data sets with fully controlled storage and drive locations. Using a role-based access control minimizes the risk of unauthorized access or data loss.

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