Meet All Modern Data Requirements

Accelerate applications and protect vital data while avoiding additional costs and increasing bottom line through IntotoNet Storage+ tailored for the advanced demands of every enterprise and organization.

A Fully Integrated On-prem And Hybrid Cloud Storage

Coordinate data storage across environments to push performance and scalability to the limit.

  • Only grant access based on job roles
  • Track every activity in your system
  • Improve data search performance

Scale Up Or Down On Demand

Alter and optimize your storage as needed to accommodate the demands of your business.

Digitally Operate Everything

You can unlock your data’s potential through autonomous and intelligent data management, securely accessible from any device.

Role-Based Security

Limit access and restrict access to your organization’s data based on user positions using integrated role-based access control to eliminate risks that may result from unauthorized access to confidential information.

Access Monitoring

Our automated logs and revision history help you maintain security and operational integrity by disclosing and recording the events occurring in your storage environments.

Improve Data Search Performance

Enhance overall operational performance through automated metadata tagging to easily classify and structure files, documents, and assets in your data center.

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