Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure That Maximizes Performance, Security And ROI.






Physical Security

Our equipment is secured by multiple physical and technology barriers to prevent access by bad actors. The facility leverages and adheres to the same standards as recommended by NIST to ensure the safety of your data.

24x7 onsite staffing

24x7 closed circuit monitoring, with AI presence detection and 90-day storage

Three levels of physical security, including manned lobby, mantrap interim passage, and locked cages

Access control with card, bio-scanner, or Mobile device NFC authentication

Data Security

In addition to our software, Intotoware integrates a combination of security protocols, mechanisms, and environmental standards, in order to provide the highest levels of data protection as required by regulatory bodies. The following security measures are in place to help protect the data of our customers:


ISO 27001

SOC 1 Type I

SOC 2 Type I & II


ISAE 3402

CDCMP Certified

Enabling HIPAA, NIST-800 & PCI

Data Center Controls

Currently, we provide redundancy within our Irvine Data center. In the future, we provide redundancy within and across all data centers. Our SLA for power, network and bandwidth is set at 99.999% for all our clients.

Cross Connect: Copper, Fiber & Coaxial

Internet Connectivity: Carrier-diversity, industry leading choices - AT&T, ExteNet (Hudson Fiber), Lumen (CTL, Level 3), Cox, Comcast, Charter, Verizon

2N UPS redundancy

Utility Feeders: 2

Standby Power Config: N+1 (Seven 2.0+ MW Diesel Generators)

VAC Distribution: N+1

Chillers: N+1 (Five 600 Ton Chillers)

VESDA smoke detection

Submit Your Security Or Ethics Concerns

We are committed to a secure and ethical business operations. Send your inquiries and feedback regarding any security or ethics violation through the form below. We will review ASAP. You will remain anonymous.


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